Importance of ETI Certification

Published: 31st March 2010
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The ETI Certification is a very valuable certification issued to businesses and enterprises through ETI Audits that validate and confirm that the services offered by these entities justify social ethics and trading norms. The ISO Certification Body that issues this certificate conducts a thorough audit to realize whether the organization is fulfilling all social obligations and whether it stands up to the social compliance expected of it. This serves as a sort of Management System Certification based on ethical trading initiative that has been brought into light by a consortium of various companies, organizations and several trade unions. The organization vying for this coveted certification has to go through the lead auditor training program and judge whether the enterprise stands strong on the various parameters that it will be judged on.

The importance of ETI is paramount and incomparable. This is considered to be the prime stamp of ethical trading and the company that gets bestowed with this coveted certification will be given the liberty to indulge in trade of any enormity or magnitude, including global trading. The OHSAS 18001 Certification bodies have accredited this as a very prestigious certification and the lucky enterprise gets to enter a different league of organizations that adhere to the highest standards of ethical trading. The ETI certification justifies that by no means are the trading policies of the concerned enterprise negative but highly bona fide and enterprising apart from being inspirational.

The ETI Certification is also meant for those organizations that have the requisite machinery to deliver the goods. The certification validates the fact that the enterprise has the infrastructure in place and trades on good, legitimate and fair terms without indulging in any form of unfair or unethical practices that would render disgrace and dishonor to the firm. The supply chain also needs to be uninterrupted in the trade, which serves as one of the biggest prerequisites. The commitment towards delivery and fair play has to be unquestionable and policy formulation too needs to be impeccable. The certification bestowed ensures that the enterprise is not under any form of trade obligations and can indulge in free trade with other organizations within and outside the jurisdiction of the country.

The ISO Certification Body that issues this documentation stands as witness that the trading policies of the enterprise are fair. This also vindicates that the enterprise is legitimate and a credible trader with an unblemished record in trading. The Management System Certification reassures companies across the world as well as the WTO that the concerned enterprise is good enough to be considered for bigger trades. The Lead Auditor Training not only imbibes that conviction but also a sense of unified gratification that the inference made is justified. The word of the OHSAS 18001 Certification Bodies is taken all over the world and a green signal for them only means that the enterprise can look forward to better trade in the coming future as the level of liberalization will be quite overwhelming.

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